"Born and raised in Singapore, I moved to Britain in 2011. My background was in professional photography, travel journalism, ecosystem biology/conservation/education, scuba diving and resort management. Together with my husband, we have been very lucky to witness and experience Nature's amazing biodiversity, which has led us to work actively in wildlife conservation.


On my diving adventures, I've observed and captured images of coral and fish underwater; while trekking through rainforests, I've studied plants, trees, birds and insects, thereafter developing a love for black pen drawings, mandalas and Zentangle. I've also dabbled in antiques as well as collecting jewellery. As my creativity continued to stem from Nature and having always wanted to pick up a skilled craft, I chose to embark on a journey of handcrafting fine silver jewellery (containing recycled silver!) combined with traditional silversmithing techniques, to bring to life my artistic observations and passion for creating everyday reminders of the natural world.


"Sea" and "Dew" combine my love for the ocean and land. Apart from being a personal representation of 'C. Due', I love the concept that a body of water can exist in the smallest of forms on land and the largest of forms in the ocean; it amazes me how an element can be so adaptable to thrive in such variable environments while still maintaining its true nature.

Based in the North Devon coastal countryside, all my pieces are individually handcrafted and reflect my personal style and imagination, with attention to texture, detail and meaning.


Sea Dew Jewellery's artisanal collections are characterized into the following elements of life and natural spaces - OCEAN, FOREST, EARTH, ANIMAL and HUMAN - all drawing on the essence of Nature and their influences on one another; a complexity of intertwining relationships, yet each piece emerging with a story of its own. With every original piece of handmade pure silver jewellery, I hope that we'll be reminded of the importance of sustaining and coexisting with Nature in its state of fragility yet raw beauty, and remind ourselves why we've fallen in love with the natural world."

Cheryl Duerden,

Jewellery Designer/Maker


Sea Dew Jewellery's 999 pure silver pieces carry the maker's mark 'CFD' and most of them also reflect full British Silver Hallmarks for certified, traceable quality

and provenance in conjunction with the

London Assay Office at Goldsmiths' Hall.

Customer Testimonials

Heartshaped plant

"I'm very happy with my silver necklace, a very unique and original item;

I wear it almost everyday, it has become my lucky charm!" - Virginie


"Cheryl's designs are beautiful, inspired by nature and cleverly using the beauty of the metal. The pieces are made fantastically well, with attention to detail from concept to delivery. Cheryl's love of the natural world and her concern for the planet really come across in her jewellery and customer service. The jewellery looks and feels wonderful to wear. I am hooked!" - Sue


"I bought the Seadew necklace for myself and I’m thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship. The necklace is sturdily crafted and was packaged meticulously, versatile enough to match any outfit and occasion. Cheryl has done a great job in giving the piece of jewellery identity through its name, design and colour selection! I can definitely feel the care and pride in making/presenting this product. Overseas delivery was on time and very smooth. I would definitely recommend Sea Dew Jewellery to anyone. Thank you from Canada!" - Matthew


"To an ocean lover, Cheryl's Trochidae Seashell necklace is more than just a beautifully-made piece of fine silver. It is a reminder of my peaceful days staring out to sea and a reminder of this planet's beauty. Cheryl's love for nature and intrinsic ability to deliver pieces that touch people's hearts shine through her work. If you are a fellow nature-lover, you are on the right page." - Grace


"Cheryl makes beautiful jewellery inspired by nature and her designs are original and made perfectly. The necklace arrived fast and her attention to detail goes all the way to the lovely packaging, making it a great gift to give and receive. Cannot fault her jewellery and service on any level. Highly recommend." - Jules

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